Infosys vs TCS vs Wipro: What IT employees’ appointment letters say about ‘moonlighting’?

The contracts or employees’ appointment letters of Indian IT companies are phrased to prevent ‘moonlighting’. The phrase ‘moonlighting’ refers to employees working for others in their free time. Even though the companies don’t use the word ‘moonlighting’, the contracts, in essence, are laden with warnings of strict action against employees who wish to venture out … Read more

Variable pays take hit in IT firms- The New Indian Express

Express News Service NEW DELHI: As many IT companies are facing margin pressures due to increases in employee costs and inflated attrition levels, top IT service providers either announced deductions or delays in performance-linked incentives or variable pay last week. IT giant Infosys has deducted 30% of the average variable pay of employees for the … Read more

IT attrition may spike again as firms delay performance-linked payouts

A decision to hold back variable pay by top IT companies such as could imply softening revenue growth for the $200 billion software services export industry. It could also mean attrition — which has already touched unprecedented levels — could further spike up due to the cut in the performance-linked incentive, analysts told ET. This … Read more