How airlines give you internet access at 35,000 feet — and why it still needs a lot of work

Delta and United each host more than 1.5 million inflight WiFi sessions a month, the airlines told CNN Business, while JetBlue said its service is used by “millions of customers” every year. Southwest declined to share specific numbers but said inflight Wifi is “popular.” Alaska Airlines, meanwhile, estimates that about 35% of its passengers on … Read more

South African tech innovators tackle digital divides in townships

Improved internet access, online literacy and new technology tools such as apps for informal traders are helping the poorest Tech education taken to South Africa’s townships WiFi access and apps could boost informal economy But technology alone is not the answer, experts warn By Kim Harrisberg JOHANNESBURG, Sept 1 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Moss Marakalala … Read more

Infosys vs TCS vs Wipro: What IT employees’ appointment letters say about ‘moonlighting’?

The contracts or employees’ appointment letters of Indian IT companies are phrased to prevent ‘moonlighting’. The phrase ‘moonlighting’ refers to employees working for others in their free time. Even though the companies don’t use the word ‘moonlighting’, the contracts, in essence, are laden with warnings of strict action against employees who wish to venture out … Read more

3 strategies for better finance-IT collaboration

Many finance leaders and IT leaders act like adversaries, especially as inflation worries grow and budgets shrink. But the need for IT and finance to partner and collaborate is critical. That’s especially important as more companies look to create digital transformation in their financial operations: According to a Workday survey, out of the respondents who … Read more

Soaring attrition, employee cost overload put IT companies in a bind

Sector experts, striking a note of caution, say the war for IT talent may continue until the time industry-ready manpower pool is expanded significantly. With IT companies compelled to fill vacant positions to serve incoming demand, and non-tech firms on the prowl for tech talent to serve the needs of their digitally-savvy consumers, market watchers … Read more

Variable pays take hit in IT firms- The New Indian Express

Express News Service NEW DELHI: As many IT companies are facing margin pressures due to increases in employee costs and inflated attrition levels, top IT service providers either announced deductions or delays in performance-linked incentives or variable pay last week. IT giant Infosys has deducted 30% of the average variable pay of employees for the … Read more